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LISTING YOUR HOME WITH Heather Farquhar & Todd Riley

Oak Pointe Home Values. Heather & Todd are unmatched when it comes to getting the most money for their sellers. With over 100 active websites no other agent can promise that your listing will receive the kind of exposure that we can. Our marketing campaigns are well thought out and comprehensive. We don’t just throw your listing in the MLS and pray that someone sees it on Zillow . Even though Heather and Todd understand and keep up to date on the latest technology we also know how important the old, time-honored methods are. We combine Today’s Technology With Yesterday’s Work Ethic to bring you the both of best worlds.


Heather & Todd believe that the most important element of selling your home. We will show you the same comps that an appraiser is going to use and will NEVER attempt to “Buy you listing” “buying a listing is a term used by unscrupulous agents that will tell you what they think you want to hear to get the listing knowing that it won’t sell. Sitting on the market too long and price reductions will cost you in the long run. If you start the process with someone who is willing to lie to you to get what they want you will never know when they are telling the truth. Call us. We will give you the straight goods and will show you the data to back it up.

Staging & Presentation

Todd has an eye for detail and the knowledge of how to make changes that will get you more money with the least investment. Whether it is painting a room or renovating the entire kitchen Todd will be there every step of the way and he has the connections to get the work done. Too busy to be there to oversee the work? We will meet the workers, help pick out paint colors whatever you need we will help.

Professional Photography

Buyers are searching for their new home online and it is a fact that professional, high quality pictures are what they are attracted by. With the easy access to the MLS buyers are scrolling through tons of listings everyday and if there are no photos or bad photos they just keep scrolling. Don’t take my word for it take a look at this Forbes article from 2012. True then and even more so now.
Many agents just show up with there cell phones and snap a few photos and are done. Not Us! We hire a professional and take our time to make sure we have pictures that show your home in the best light and highlight all that is special about your home.

We Answer When You Call

One of us is always available to answer any questions you may have. If you reach out to us by text, phone or email we guarantee one of us will get back to within minutes. We will keep you up-to-date on showings and conversations we have with potential buyers or other agents. You will always know what is going on.